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Product name: 28-homobrassinolide

Chemical structure:


Molecular formula: C29H50O6

Molecular weight: 494.

CAS RN: 82373-95-3.

Assay (HPLC): ≥ 90.0%

Moisture: ≤ 2.0%

Appearance: white or off-white solid powder

Functions: 28-homobrassinolide belongs to canola lactone serial products, is the sixth generation of environmental, efficient, green plant growth regulator, is a natural product. Have the effects such as promote root seedling, protect flower and fruit; Improve the plant disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance, conferring, salt resistance ; significantly increase output and improve the quality, at the same time, has the prevention and treatment of virus disease and medicine. Applies to all crops.

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