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Chromium(III) chloride hexahydrate

Chemical structure:

Product name: Chromium(III) chloride hexahydrate

Alias: Chromium trichloride hexahydrate Chromic chloride hexahydrate

Molecular formula: CrCl3·6H2O

Molecular weight: 266.45

Density: 2.757

Melting point: 1152℃

Appearance: deep green crystal, soluble in water.

Assay : ≥ 98 (%)


1. Used as a mordant of dyeing industry.
Used in the production of other chromium salt in chemical industry.
Used in the manufacture of all kinds of chromium pigments in pigment industry.
Used in the manufacture of chromium catalyst in organic synthesis.
Used in inorganic synthesis, also used as a mordant, catalyst.
2. Used in plating and chromium salt's preparation.
3 chromium trichloride can be used as auxiliary salt of trivalent chromium plating in surface treatment.
Chromium trichloride's dosage isn't too large, in order to prevent the precipitation.
Chromium trichloride rarely used alone.
Chromium trichloride can also be used in the chromium chromate addition in chemical plating, but more is used with other chromic salt.

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